Recently, we had a chance to catch up with the latest addition to the BlueSky team: Kate Wilhelm. Her 20+ year career, includes more than a decade of consulting and workforce transformation with Accenture as well as executive-level positions at St. Joseph Health and U.C. San Diego Health where she focused on human capital, business development, and program management. And, she’s had her own management consulting company, Wheelhouse, LLC.

What experience inspired you to join the team at BlueSky?

I don’t think I could point to one, singular moment that sparked my interest in BlueSky. Instead, it was a wide range of experiences over the course of many years. My career path kept intersecting with BlueSky, which provided the unique opportunity to observe and experience the company. One of the most important things I noticed over the years was consistency. BlueSky repeatedly fielded highly talented teams, demonstrating that they listened to the clients and responded in a tailored way that generated stellar business results. The team members at BlueSky were true to their word and demonstrated a dedication to doing the right thing, and going above and beyond what was required. It wasn’t just words—it was relationships and showing up that really got my attention. I have tremendous respect for Jeff and the team, and can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and help continue this tradition of excellence. 

Why did you feel that BlueSky was the right fit for your goals? 

My decision to join BlueSky was all about authenticity. My personal and career goals share a common theme and it’s based on building strong, long-lasting relationships. Professionally, my mission is to connect with humans and deliver the most value I possibly can. That’s what BlueSky is about—building relationships and exceeding expectations; solving problems and delivering sustainable change. The alignment between BlueSky’s approach and my personal approach represent a genuine fit. The combination of those factors plus the chance to work with a passionate, experienced group of people made the decision to join BlueSky an easy one.

What’s your vision for the Project Delivery Business?

Project Delivery is first and foremost about providing a relevant, agile and tailored solution to our clients. It begins with developing a deep understanding of our clients’ goals so that we can provide a robust solution tailored to their specific needs. Next, we look to connect opportunities with expertise to put the right talent with the right challenges. We develop solutions that go beyond just connecting clients and candidates to moving the business forward with sustainable change toward their objectives. Exponential change, the kind that creates a significant impact on our client’s business at large, is what we want to achieve with the Project Delivery group.

What’s most exciting to you about joining the BlueSky team?

There are three key things that make me excited to get to the office every day. First, I love working with my teammates to build BlueSky’s business and expand our client roster. Second, BlueSky’s focus on relationships, quality, and exceeding expectations mirror my own personal values. Sharing these beliefs with the organization I work for is very important to me. But, if forced to pick only one thing, it would have to be the people, including my teammates, consultants, and the clients we get to work with every day. The team is super talented, highly experienced, and knows how to have fun while delivering world-class results. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute with a highly talented team at an exciting time in BlueSky’s evolution.

What’s one thing you’ve done that you think no one else on the BlueSky team has ever done?

That’s a tough question – the BlueSky team is a really accomplished group of folks! Under the category of “Experiences I Don’t Need to Have Again,” I lived in my home during an extensive remodel as owner/builder. It happened to be the year of the worst El Nino we’ve had in California. Also, I recently decided to pick up volleyball again after a 20-year hiatus. It allows me to be outside, have fun, and connect with others from all different backgrounds.

Please join us in welcoming Kate to the BlueSky team! We look forward to the energy, excitement, and expertise she brings to everything she does.